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An Introduction to Employee Benefits at Frederick Health

At Frederick Health, we know that employment decisions and employee satisfaction are impacted by many things: pay, benefits, work environment, relationships, career development, etc. According to most surveys, 80% of employees who are highly satisfied with their benefits are also satisfied with their job.

With this said, Frederick Health is committed to ensuring we provide competitive, meaningful, and comprehensive benefits programs. Our benefits program is designed to:

  • provide flexibility and choice
  • protect staff and their family members from catastrophic financial loss and hardship
  • promote continuous learning
  • and provide comfort in knowing that Frederick Health is dedicated to our most valuable asset in the company - our employees.

We are pleased to offer our full and eligible part-time employees a wide menu of benefits. Frederick Health carefully selects all the companies that service your benefits. We ask each company to provide the same high level of service to you that you provide to our patients.

We strongly encourage you to read these materials carefully and contact a member of the Human Resources team if you need further clarification and/or consultation. We hope you find these benefits valuable and meaningful.

Frederick Health Offers an Array of Basic Benefits

Plans are fully or partially funded by the hospital. We offer plans and products that provide financial protection and physical well-being for employees and their family members.

Frederick Health pays for some benefits in their entirety for eligible employees including:

Basic Life Insurance
Short Term and Long Term Disability Insurance
Paid Time Off
Employee Assistance Program
Annual 403(b) Retirement Plan Base Contribution

Other benefits are subsidized by the hospital for eligible employees; these benefits include:

Health Insurance including prescription drug coverage
Dental Insurance
Monthly 403(b) Retirement Plan Matching Contributions