Frederick Memorial Hospital Building



  • Tom Kleinhanzl, President & CEO

    Tom Kleinhanzl
    President & CEO

  • Cheryl Cioffi, Senior VP, COO/ CNO

    Cheryl Cioffi, DNP
    Senior VP, COO/ CNO

  • Michelle Mahan, Senior VP & CFO

    Michelle Mahan
    Senior VP & CFO

  • Manny Casiano, Senior VP, Population Health & Ambulatory/CMO

    Manny Casiano, M.D.
    Senior VP, Population Health & Ambulatory/CMO

  • Denise Barton, VP Business Development & Strategy

    Denise Barton
    VP Business Development & Strategy

  • Hannah Jacobs, VP Finance

    Hannah Jacobs
    VP Finance

  • Diane McFarland, VP Patient Care Services

    Diane McFarland
    VP Patient Care Services

  • Robin Rose, VP & CDO

    Robin Rose
    VP & CDO

  • Craig Rosendale, VP CCO & Risk Management

    Craig Rosendale
    VP CCO & Risk Management

  • Kathy J. Weishaar, MD, VP Medical Affairs

    Kathy J. Weishaar, MD
    VP Medical Affairs

  • Don Schilling, VP Ambulatory Services

    Don Schilling
    VP Ambulatory Services

  • Jennifer Teeter, VP Clinical Integration and Contracting

    Jennifer Teeter
    VP Clinical Integration and Contracting

  • Heather Kirby, VP Integrated Care Delivery

    Heather Kirby
    VP Integrated Care Delivery

  • Jackie Rice, VP Chief Information Officer

    Jackie Rice
    VP Chief Information Officer

  • Chris Bumbaugh, VP Human Resources

    Chris Bumbaugh
    VP Human Resources

  • Michael McLane, VP Support Services

    Michael McLane
    VP Support Services