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Frequently Asked Questions

When should you send injuries to Frederick Health Employer Solutions vs. ER?

Employers should protect themselves from possible liability for serious work place injuries or illnesses by developing a plan for referral to the appropriate place for medical treatment. Once this plan is developed, supervisors, safety personnel, first-aid responders and employees should be educated so appropriate decisions are made. The following medical referral guidelines for work related injuries or illnesses are suggested by Frederick Health Employer Solutions. This list should not be viewed as all-inclusive. Each employer should anticipate the types of injuries that may occur at their particular work sites and plan accordingly.

Download PDF for more information.

When will my drug test result be reported?

Normal negative test results are usually, but not always reported back to us in 24-48 hours. If there is anything abnormal found in testing, it can take anywhere from 1-4 days longer for results to come in. Negative results are either mailed the day they are received or reported out that day according to employer preference. There is NO guarantee that a test will come in within any certain timeframe, and no way to expedite your test result. Please DO NOT call our office regarding your result. Our staff IS NOT allowed to release information over the phone to you. They are only allowed to release these results to the Designated Employee Representative at the company you are having your test done for.

Will you bill my personal insurance for services at Frederick Health Employer Solutions?

No, Frederick Health Employer Solutions only bills to either the company you work for, or to their Worker’s Compensation carrier. We do not bill anything to private insurance, since everything we bill for is work related.

Do I need to bring DOT forms with me to obtain my DOT exam?

No, Frederick Health Employer Solutions has all paperwork necessary for your DOT exam.