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Hospital Entrance 4/Orange Entrance Closing October 1, 2019


The safety of everyone who walks through our doors each day is a top priority for our organization. To provide a more safe and secure environment, we are making some changes to our public entrances.

Effective October 1, 2019, Hospital Entrance 4/Orange Entrance, will close. This change is not in response to any threats or incidents. Rather, these actions will keep us in line with best practices for safety and security standards and will enhance other security measures already in place.

Patients and visitors who typically enter through Hospital Entrance 4/Orange Entrance will now use Hospital Entrance 3/Blue Entrance or Main Entrance 1/Green Entrance.

Visitor badges for the BirthPlace and NICU are available at the following entrances:

Hospital Entrance 3/Blue Entrance

Open Monday – Friday
7:00AM – 8:00PM
Parking Options: Free Valet Service |Surface Parking Lot 3/Blue


Main Entrance 1/Green Entrance

Open 24/7
Parking Options: Free Valet Service | Visitor Parking Garage | Surface Parking Lot 1/Green


We thank you in advance for your support, as we remain focused on delivering healthcare in a safe and secure setting.