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Pre-exposure Prevention of COVID-19


EVUSHELD is a combination of two drugs (tixagevimab and cilgavimab) that may potentially prevent COVID-19 infection for up to six months. This is important if you can’t get the available vaccines and/or have medical conditions that increase your risk of severe illness from COVID-19. EVUSHELD is not a substitute for vaccination in individuals for whom COVID-19 vaccination is recommended.

A provider referral is required to receive this preventive option.

Who should get EVUSHELD?

EVUSHELD is available to patients older than 12 years who:

  • Are not currently infected with COVID-19
  • Can’t get the COVID-19 vaccine due to severe allergic reactions
  • Have a suppressed immune system that makes vaccines ineffective
How is EVUSHELD given?

Patients will be given two separate shots, one for each drug. These shots are injected into a large muscle, most commonly into each of the buttocks.

What are the possible side effects of EVUSHELD?

Mild reactions are more common and can include temporary soreness, bruising, and swelling at the injection site.

Moderate to severe reactions are rare and may include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Rash, including hives
  • Swelling of lips, face, and/or throat
  • Itching
  • Cardiac events, including heart attacks

Seek immediate medical attention if you experience
any severe reactions.


  • EVUSHELD does not replace vaccination against COVID-19 for those who can receive vaccines.
  • If you have been vaccinated, you should wait at least two weeks before receiving a dose of EVUSHELD.
  • Doses may be repeated every 6 months for individuals who qualify.
  • EVUSHELD is not authorized for use in preventing COVID-19 after being exposed to the virus.
  • EVUSHELD is considered an investigational drug and is still being studied.