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Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer occurs when there is an uncontrolled growth of cells in the colon or rectum. Depending on where the cancer originates, your physician may refer to colorectal cancer as colon cancer or rectal cancer.

Most colorectal cancers begin in a polyp (growth) on the lining of the colon. If cancer develops within a polyp, it can begin to grow into the wall of the colon or rectum.

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Colorectal Cancer Symptoms

The most common symptom of colorectal cancer is a new lump or mass. A cancerous mass is likely to be painless and hard with irregular edges.

Other symptoms include:

  • A change in bowel habits
  • Feelings of needing to have a bowel movement that are not relieved
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Dark stool or blood in stool
  • Abdominal pain or cramping
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Unintentional weight loss

While many of these symptoms can be caused by other conditions, it is important to speak to your healthcare provider if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above.

symptoms of colorectal cancer

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Routine screenings for colorectal cancer are your best defense against the disease.

Talk to your doctor about when you should have a screening colonoscopy, as well as other screening tests that make sense for you or contact Surgical Oncology.

Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Colorectal cancer is often treated using multiple types of coordinated treatments, including:

  • Surgery
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Ablation
  • Embolization
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted Therapies

Your Colorectal Cancer Treatment Team

Understanding your diagnosis and treatment options is the first step in fighting colorectal cancer. At Frederick Health, we’re committed to providing you with a cancer treatment experience that is focused on you.

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