Group of Medical Professionals

COVID-19 Visitation Guidelines

Frederick Health Hospital is pleased to welcome visitors back to support their families and loved ones during a hospital stay. Our focus continues to be on the safety of our patients, staff, and community. We encourage only close family or loved ones to visit at this time.

  • One visitor per day for a hospital inpatient
  • One visitor to accompany a patient to an ambulatory visit
  • One visitor to accompany patients experiencing an emergency
  • One visitor to accompany a maternity patient in Labor and Delivery and Post-Partum
  • One parent for each NICU patient
  • One parent or caregiver for a Pediatric patient
  • Two visitors for a patient at End-of-Life
  • One visitor to accompany a patient at time of hospital discharge
  • One support person to accompany, visit, and stay in the hospital with individuals with disabilities. Support persons are anyone who is legally authorized to make decisions for the individual (family members, personal care assistants, or disability service providers). A disability, either physical or mental, makes it difficult or impossible for an individual to walk, see, hear, speak or learn.
  • Please note: Due to space requirements for maintaining a safe physical distance, our Cath Lab and Pre-Op/Post-Op spaces are not open to visitors are this time.
    • Our Entrance #1 Surgical Lobby remains open for Cath Lab and Pre-Op/Post-Op patient visitors who are on site during a procedure.
    • Visitors are welcome once a Cath Lab/Post-Op patient is admitted to an inpatient room.

Additional guidelines for visitors include:

  • All visitors must be 18 years of age or older unless the visitor is the parent of a pediatric patient.
  • Facemasks must always be worn when in the building and must cover both the nose and mouth
  • If your loved one is diagnosed with COVID-19 or is being examined for a COVID-19 infection, visitors will be required to wear proper personal protection equipment provided by the hospital.
  • Visitors must enter through the Frederick Health Hospital Main Entrance #1 lobby to be screened for flu-like symptoms, such as fever, cough or shortness of breath.
  • Visitors who have symptoms of COVID-19 will not be approved to visit a patient.
  • Visitors are encouraged to stay in the patient’s room during the visit but may accompany the patient to a test or procedure if appropriate.
  • Other guidelines may apply based on patient diagnosis and status. Staff will follow additional guidelines in the Visitation Policy to keep you, your loved one, and our healthcare team safe.

Instructions for visitors of a confirmed COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19 patient:

  • Visitor must follow nurse guidance on hand washing and applying personal protective equipment.
  • Visitor must wear a mask at all times while in the room (do not remove the mask and kiss the patient, for your own safety)
  • Visitor must wear gloves at all times while in the room and should avoid touching their face, hair, clothing or other non-protected items/areas.
  • After your visit, and prior to exiting the room, staff will assist the visitor in removing their gloves, gown and mask and performing hand hygiene.
  • It is recommended you review “Preventing Getting Sick” guidelines from CDC.
  • Following your visit, if all protective measures were maintained, you should not be at any increased risk of getting sick.
  • It is recommended that you monitor your temperature.
  • If you have symptoms, call 211 to reach the Health Department

PPE Guidelines

All visitors must be screened for temperature and signs/symptoms of COVID-19 on entry, wear a mask at all times, and do proper hand hygiene upon entry and frequently thereafter when in any Frederick Health facility. For visitors to the hospital, your own mask is acceptable throughout the building and in patient rooms. If visiting a COVID + patient or PUI, we will provide an isolation mask, a face shield, a disposable gown, and gloves to wear while in the room. These items are to be discarded when you leave the room, and after proper hand hygiene, you can re‐don your own mask. Visitors to isolation rooms should not be traveling to any other part of the hospital except the entry and the patient room.

As a reminder:

  • An N95 may always be worn at a staff member’s discretion for comfort and safety reasons or a PAPR will be provided to those who require them.
  • All patients with COVID 19 or PUIs need to be on Airborne Isolation. Employees caring for them should wear an N95, face shield and contact gown and gloves.
  • An N95, face shield, and contact gown and gloves are required for staff assisting with Aerosol-generating procedures.
  • Non-medical grade masks or external mask [brought from home] are only allowed in public areas, non-patient facing areas including office-like settings, and upon exit or entry to a Frederick Health facility.
  • All hospital issued masks (other than PAPRs) should be discarded at the end of the shift.