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Frederick Health Auxiliary

On September 11, 1952, the Women’s Auxiliary of Frederick Health Hospital was founded. Service to the hospital began immediately with the first volunteers helping out in the Record Room and quickly expanding to other departments. By 1955, the Frederick Health Auxiliary was the largest women’s organization in Frederick County. Candy Stripers, now known as Junior Volunteers, joined the organization’s ranks in 1967. When men joined the group in the early 1970s, and teenage boys began to volunteer in 1971, the name was officially changed to the Frederick Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. It is now known as the Frederick Health Auxiliary.

Originally founded to "serve on committees, support fund raising activities and promote good will,” the Auxiliary’s first fundraiser was the Snow Ball held on December 22, 1952. The event raised $1,131.50, which was used to air-condition the operating room. Since then, the Auxiliary has donated more than $10 million to the hospital for equipment and improvements, and has contributed millions of hours of service to the Frederick community.

Today the Auxiliary is composed of men and women who continue the tradition of service and stewardship. Members of the auxiliary provide hundreds of thousands of hours of their time to guide our visitors, transport our patients, and support the family members of those who are ill, injured, or on the mend.

Value of Volunteering

Volunteers may still be in high school or college. They may be men or women retired after a long career. They may be parents who want to stay at home with their children but still keep up with the career world. They may need to fill the void left in their lives after the loss of a loved one.

Each month, hundreds of caring individuals come to Frederick Health Hospital to volunteer. They assist patients who are arriving at, and departing from the hospital, greet and direct visitors, staff the Gift Shop or the Select Seconds Thrift Shop, deliver flowers and reading material, and so much more. And while it may appear they are helping others by volunteering, they are also helping themselves.

Research shows that volunteering improves your health in many ways -- emotionally, and even physically. Volunteering also improves self-esteem, helps develop empathy for the problems of others, affirms personal values, and aids in personal development. Volunteering helps you feel connected to your community, and is a great opportunity to meet new people.

Executive Board Members

  • President: Harriet Brown
  • President Elect: Hamp Tisdale
  • 1st VP: Joe Collins
  • 2nd VP: Ellen Noland
  • Treasurer: Sharen Neale
  • Corresponding Secretary: Jan McLoon
  • Recording Secretary: Peggy Rosenbluth
  • Membership Secretary: Kathy Soria
  • Parliamentarian: Peggy Rosenbluth

Who Can Volunteer?

Frederick Health Hospital has many and varied opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. We provide high quality, cost-effective health services to develop healthy communities in the Frederick area.


We prepare you for your volunteer assignment through:

  1. Thorough Orientation and Training
  2. Clear-Cut Position Description
  3. On-going Feedback
  4. Continued Support and Reinforcement
  5. On-going Recognition
  6. Good Communication

Join us! If you'd like to help us carry out our mission, call us at 240-566-3567. We'd love to discuss your skills and interests and match them with a need.