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Precision Medicine & Genetics

Personalized Medical Care. Leading-Edge Technology.

When it comes to healthcare, we know that one size does not fit all. Thanks to advancements in genetic technology, our team of clinical experts can design personalized disease prevention and treatment plans that guide you on the path to better health and overall wellness. Frederick Health is the only healthcare system in our region to offer this type of technology and recently, this program was named one of the Top 50 Innovative services in the area by the Frederick County Office of Economic Development.

Designed with you in mind.

The Frederick Health Precision Medicine & Genetics team works with your current healthcare providers to identify your risk for chronic health conditions or serious disease, reduce unnecessary medications, prevent adverse drug reactions, and improve your overall healthcare journey.

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You can also speak to your provider for a referral and more detailed information, including what’s covered by your health insurance.

Targeted prevention and treatment.

Our Precision Medicine & Genetics team offers care as unique as you. Everyone has a different experience when they are ill, so it makes sense to have a treatment plan designed with your needs specifically in mind. This experience relies on a variety of information to help create your complete health profile, including:

  • Family Health History
  • Personal Medical History
  • Genetics/DNA Profile
  • Current Medications
Expanding to treat more conditions.

This service has proven to be an essential part of the successful prevention or treatment of serious health conditions related to:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Behavioral Health
  • Endocrinology
  • Neurology
  • Rare Conditions


The same medicine can impact different people in different ways. Our team can help you better understand the way medications interact with your body. Through this process, we can help you and your provider develop a treatment plan that is right for you based on the way your body interacts with medicines. Pharmacogenomics plays an important part in the treatment of serious health conditions such as:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Pain Management
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Cardiac Conditions
  • Cholesterol Management and more
Appointment Overview

Pharmacogenomic testing consists of two appointments. At your first appointment, we will discuss the testing process and collect a DNA sample via cheek swab. During your second appointment, you will meet with the the team to review your results and discuss how different medications may react with your system.

Talk to your provider to see if pharmacogenomic testing is right for you.

For more information, please call 301-663-9985
or submit your contact information and we’ll call you.