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X-ray exams are used to diagnose diseases and bone alignment within the human body.

Fluoroscopy is a special application of x-ray that allows for real-time imaging of the structures using a radiocontrast agent usually swallowed or injected into the body.

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Before Your Exam:

  • You may have a preparation for your exam – you will be informed of this when you make your appointment.
  • Dress comfortably- you may be given a gown or shorts to wear during your exam.
  • Please note that for safety reasons unless your child is a patient, he or she is not allowed in the X-ray exam room. Please make arrangements for childcare as needed.

During Your Exam:

  • You may need to lie down on the x-ray table for your exam.
  • Many of the these exams take very little time to perform.
  • You may need to hold your breath for the exam. The breath hold will be very short.

After Your Exam:

  • The technologist performing your exam will give you further directions before you leave.
  • Your exam will be interpreted by a board-certified radiologist and printed results will be sent to your ordering physician.
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