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Digital Mammography

We believe that women deserve to come to a special place designed just for them, where they can receive the highest quality of compassionate care.

Digital Mammography is an x-ray exam of the breast that helps provide early detection of breast cancer.

​To schedule imaging services at Frederick Health Rose Hill and Frederick Health Crestwood, please use the Community Radiology Associates scheduling number at 888-601-0943.

Easier Access to Scheduling Your Annual Mammogram

If you’re over the age of 40, it’s time to start scheduling your annual screening mammogram. This is the best way to find and treat breast cancer at its earliest stage.

Patients can now schedule their mammogram without a physician order. Appointments are available at Frederick Health Crestwood and Frederick Health Rose Hill.

Don’t have a primary care provider? After your mammogram, a Certified Breast Imaging Navigator will help you find one. If additional images or exams are needed, they will be scheduled on another day after speaking with your provider.

Before Your Exam:

Please do not wear deodorant or antiperspirant. We can provide that for you after your exam is completed.

During Your Exam:

  • You will be given a gown to change into in a private dressing room.
  • The technologist will obtain your personal breast health and history from you.
  • A pad will be placed on the machine to minimize your discomfort. In order to obtain the best quality images for the radiologist, your breast tissue will need to be compressed for a short time. We routinely need two views of each breast for the initial exam.
  • We offer the Genius 3D Digital Mammography exam that provides you with the latest technology in breast imaging. This breast tomosynthesis allows greater accuracy and earlier detection than the 2D Mammography exam. Frederick Health also utilizes C view software, which allows the radiation dose to stay comparable to a traditional 2D Mammogram. Please contact your insurance carrier to verify 3D Mammography benefits prior to your exam.
  • An onsite board-certified radiologist will review your images to determine if additional mammogram images or an ultrasound is needed. In most cases, we are able to perform them the same day.

After Your Exam:

  • A certified breast imaging navigator will discuss with you any breast intervention that is recommended by the radiologist and can help facilitate the process for you.
  • Your exam will be interpreted by an onsite board certified radiologist. You will receive a lay letter and your provider will be sent the results in 2-3 business days.
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