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Oncology & Hematology

Frederick Health Medical Group Oncology & Hematology is a full-service medical oncology and hematology practice. Our specialists have either been board certified in Internal Medicine and Hematology-Oncology and/or have successfully completed the rigorous evaluation necessary to become MD Anderson Physicians Network® certified physicians.

As members of the MD Anderson Physicians Network® certified physicians have access to all of the clinical resources of MD Anderson Cancer Network® Cancer Center, including treatment pathways and guidelines, weekly network treatment planning conferences and peer to peer consults with the MD Anderson Cancer Network® faculty.

For more information, contact us at 240-566-4100.

Personalized, Supportive Patient Care

At Frederick Health Medical Group Oncology & Hematology, we understand how important it is to provide you with education, support, and treatment guidance. Being diagnosed with cancer can be overwhelming, but our board-certified doctors will help you. Our goal is to inform you so you’ll know what to expect at every point in your cancer treatment.

Our doctors treat various cancer types as well as benign blood disorders. We provide leading-edge cancer treatment and are committed to addressing your emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

Understanding Cancer

Many types of diseases are categorized as cancer. Although each type affects the body differently, they share common characteristics. While most causes of cancer aren’t well understood, cancer begins when damaged cells multiply out of control.

Often, these cells will form a tumor, or a mass of tissue. These cells and tumors start to see normal cells as a threat and begin to invade nearby or distant parts of the body. They replace healthy cells with cancerous ones.

To treat cancer, the goal is to destroy cancer cells and stop the spread of disease throughout the body.

About Our Cancer Care

Frederick Health Medical Group Oncology & Hematology is a full-service cancer care practice. Our doctors are experts in their fields and have successfully completed rigorous testing as MD Anderson Physicians Network® certified physicians. They have access to all MD Anderson Cancer Network® Cancer Center clinical resources, including:

  • Pathways and guidelines
  • Weekly network treatment planning conferences
  • Peer-to-peer consults with the MD Anderson Cancer Network® faculty

Our cancer doctors see patients at the James M Stockman Cancer Institute, which shares its location with Radiation Oncology. They can easily work together and coordinate your care. Newly diagnosed cancer patients see all of their needed specialists in one day through a coordinated, comprehensive care plan. Our nurse navigators will act as a point of contact to coordinate treatments, diagnostic testing, and provider visits for all our cancer patients.

James M. Stockman Cancer Institute tends to the mind, body, and spirit of patients and families. We provide chemotherapy at the Infusion Center, which is designed to create a comfortable and soothing setting with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a healing garden. You will have access to tablets and high-speed Wi-Fi while receiving treatment.

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