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Breast Cancer Screening Program

Early Detection of Breast Cancer Leads to Improved Outcomes.

When breast cancer is found in its early stages, it is typically easier to treat successfully. By having routine breast cancer screening tests, you increase your chances of catching the disease early.

For more information, contact us at 240-566-4100 and ask for more information about breast cancer screenings.

Clearer mammography images lead to improved breast cancer detection.

3-D mammography is the latest technology in breast cancer detection. Unlike 2-D mammography, this technology takes more breast images with greater accuracy. These capabilities lead to fewer unnecessary biopsies and additional testing. For women with dense breast tissue, 3-D mammography detects cancer that would otherwise go unnoticed.

This technology is available at our Rose Hill and Crestwood locations.


Know your lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.

Knowing your genetic risk for developing breast cancer can help you make more informed lifestyle and healthcare decisions.

If you are at increased risk, our expert team can help you determine the need for enhanced screenings, additional imaging, or medical treatments. Determining your risk of developing breast cancer is the first step in prevention of the disease.

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