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A Lifetime of Fitness Has Paid Off For Tom and Norma Day


Sixteen years ago, Norma and Tom Day decided it was time to be more active, so they dedicated themselves to working out on a regular basis. Today, Norma is 96 and Tom is 92. They still never miss a workout. Three times a week, they clear their schedules so they have time to visit FMH ProMotion Fitness+. Their dedication to each other, and to fitness, is inspiring to many.

Made For Each Other

When Norma and Tom began jobs as teachers at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, they never imagined the journey they were about to go on together. Tom was a physical education teacher, while Norma taught home arts. “Back then, they called it stitching and stewing,” jokes Tom. They got to know each other when school administrators assigned them to chaperon dances together, and they were married six months later. Tom was 25 at the time, and Norma was 29.

Meet Norma and Tom in person, and it’s easy to see why they hit it off so well. Both are veterans, serving from 1943-1946. Norma was part of the Women’s Army Corps, worked in food services, while Tom was in the Army, and worked as a recon radio operator and combat engineer. They both went to school at the University of Maryland, and they love their Terps. Norma received her master’s degree in education with a minor in nutrition and eventually became the Director of a Continuing Education department for Montgomery County Public Schools. After receiving his master’s in counseling and education administration, Tom went on to work as an assistant principal of Montgomery Village Junior High.

In 1975, they moved to Wolfsville in Frederick County to a 58-acre farm they owned. They enjoyed an active lifestyle there. In 1997 the decided to sell the farm and move closer to healthcare services and a love of fitness continued.

Exercise and Longevity

When Norma was told she needed to exercise more often, the couple saw it as an opportunity to get in shape and spend more time together. “Just like that we started working out three days a week,” says Tom. The couple credits their routine with their longevity. They’ve exercised three days a week for the past 16 years. “We never miss a workout. We’ll rearrange our schedules to make sure we get those three days in,” says Norma.

They also credit their diets for keeping them healthy. “We’ve always paid attention to nutrition,” says Norma. “We eat well and make sure we get 5-7 different fruits and vegetables into our diets each day.” Dalis Albaugh, lead certified clinical exercise physiologist with ProMotion Fitness+, says that she loves having them around. “They’ve been a member of our program for as long as I can remember,” says Albaugh. “They’re just really special people.”

Albaugh, who began working at ProMotion Fitness+ in September 2004, feels like people of all ages could learn a thing or two from the Days. “They stick to it,” says Albaugh. “A lot of young people start exercising to lose weight or look better. For [the Days], it’s about being able to walk longer and live independently.”

Living Healthy Pays Off

All these years later, Tom and Norma are grateful they made the decision to listen to their doctors and start focusing on their health. “Some people get good advice and don’t take it. We’ve taken their advice,” says Tom. By working out three days a week and being mindful of their nutrition, Tom and Norma have been able to watch not only their kids grow up, but their grandkids as well.

Tom and Norma love going to ProMotion Fitness+ because they like the schedule and being able to socialize. They find the staff and the other gym members to be very friendly, and they feel safe knowing that the staff is trained for medically focused fitness, something that Albaugh takes particular pride in. “Our No. 1 goal is to help people feel comfortable in a safe atmosphere,” says Albaugh. By working hard and taking care of themselves, the Days have been able to continue doing the things they love.

Time For Each Other

A dedication to fitness has made it possible for Tom and Norma to continue to travel, even into their 90s. They love cruises, like the one they took through the Holland Canals, with the prettiest gardens they had ever seen. In April, they went with the whole family on a cruise down the East Coast of the U.S. It helps that they all get along and love spending time with each other. In total, Tom and Norma have traveled to 56 different countries.

In her spare time, Norma loves to volunteer at Frederick Memorial Hospital. She has been a dedicated volunteer for over 25 years, currently at the surgical desk. Her duties consist of arranging conferences between the physicians and the family members and escorting the family members to the recovery area after surgery.

But, what Tom and Norma love more than anything is spending time with each other. After their Saturday morning workout, you’re likely to find them at the Mountain View Diner enjoying a healthy breakfast and talking with their favorite waitress, Fran. Thanks to years of dedication to their health and well-being, moments like this are still possible.

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