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Hospital Entrance 4/Orange Entrance Closing October 1, 2019

The safety of everyone who walks through our doors each day is a top priority for our organization. To provide a more safe and secure environment, we are making some changes to our public entrances. Effective October 1, 2019, Hospital Entrance ...

Time-Lapse Camera Shows Progress of James M Stockman Cancer Institute

Frederick Regional Health System ’s time-lapse camera at the site of the new James M. Stockman Cancer Institute on the hospital’s Rose Hill campus is now live online. Gilbane Building Company, the company hired to build the Institute, ...

FMH Rose Hill Construction Update

Due to the construction project at FMH Rose Hill, the main traffic light entrance into the parking lot from Opposumtown Pike will be closed down for approximately two weeks beginning on Thursday, September 15. All patients, visitors and staff can ...

A Helping Hand from the FMH Auxiliary

The FMH Auxiliary has made a five year, $1 million pledge in support of the James M. Stockman Cancer Institute. The volunteers of the FMH Auxiliary bring warmth, comfort and hospitality to our patients, visitors, and staff every day. In addition, ...

FMH Entrances & Construction Update

We’re pleased to announce that our new lobby is officially open! The information below explains the locations and hours of the hospital entrances, with the recommended use for each, so that patients and visitors can enter the hospital at the ...