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Lessons I have Learned

  • Category: Patient Stories
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  • Written By: Karen Freeman, Administrative Assistant II
Lessons I have Learned

It was an easy decision to give of my time and become a volunteer at hospice. Once the training was completed, the learning really began. Going from a volunteer to a full time employee was the start of a lifetime lesson. Working at hospice is a never ending learning experience and one which is not taught in a classroom.

Meeting the needs of our patients on a daily basis is a task that requires teamwork. It involves listening, communicating and really wanting to get to know what the patient is all about. You soon discover that there is no better gratification than hearing a smile over the phone.

Life can throw you some unexpected surprises but some of the lessons I have learned through Hospice is that you cherish people, their friendships and the support of those around you. Take on each and every day with what needs to be accomplished but do so with sympathy, understanding, and a little bit of love from the heart.