Slow-healing wounds are often concerning and can require special care. Our team of wound nurses, therapists, and physicians work with our dedicated support staff to provide expert care, education, evaluation, and support services.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Services

One of the services we provide is called hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO). This advanced medical treatment for wound care involves breathing in 100% oxygen in a pressurized area. In many cases, slow healing can be at least partially attributed to lack of oxygen. A wound may be impacted by infection, inflammation, or poor circulation. HBO therapy provides the oxygen these tissues so desperately need in order to heal. This treatment stimulates the worker cells and accelerates the healing process by helping stave off infection, stimulate connective tissue and blood cell growth, and cut back inflammation.

Patients who are suffering from wounds that are not healing or who have undergone radiation therapy may benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Many different types of wounds can be treated using this advanced process, including diabetic foot ulcers, chronic bone infections, failing surgical flaps / skin grafts, injuries caused by soft tissue radiation, necrotizing soft tissue infections, and more.


Narayan G Kulkarni D.O.