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Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. Grant Provides Rapid Response Carts

Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. Grant Provides Rapid Response Carts

group photo of doctors

Featured from left to right:Katie Green, SPD Inventory Clerk, Frederick Memorial Hospital; Angie Propst, SPD Inventory Control Coordinator, Frederick Memorial Hospital; Evelyn Johnson, SPD Inventory Clerk, Frederick Memorial Hospital; Laura Jackson, Director of Progressive & Critical Care Services, Frederick Memorial Hospital; Kristen Fletcher, Director of Cardiac & Vascular Services, Frederick Memorial Hospital; Marlene Young, President, Delaplaine Foundation, Inc.; George Delaplaine, Jr., Chairman, Delaplaine Foundation, Inc.; and Nicholas Biggs, Adult Respiratory Care Specialist, Frederick Memorial Hospital.

Earlier this year, Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. generously provided Frederick Memorial Hospital (Frederick Health) with a grant of $34,000 to implement the second phase of the hospital’s Rapid Response Cart standardization.

Stocked with emergency medical equipment, supplies and drugs, a Rapid Response Cart is used by medical personnel to resuscitate patients during cardiac arrest. Sometimes called a “crash cart,” these trolleys are easily moveable and readily accessible from all sides for quick removal of drugs during a crisis situation.

“As the services Frederick Health provides to the region expand and become more complex, the number of patients with the potential to experience acute emergencies at a moment’s notice increases as well. The funds allow for the placement of state-of-the-art resuscitation technology throughout the hospital, while allowing us to keep several carts in reserve for emergency replacements,” stated Frederick Health Director of Progressive & Critical Care Services Laura Jackson.

“At Frederick Memorial, we rely on the ongoing support of generous partners like Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. to help us fulfill our mission,” stated Frederick Health Vice President & Chief Development Officer Robin Rose. “We are grateful for Delaplaine Foundation’s continued support of the hospital’s critical care services.”

“Since its inception in 2001, Delaplaine Foundation has been proud to partner with Frederick Health to provide critical grant funding that has brought about the implementation of cutting-edge technology resulting in increased life-sustaining medical treatment and care for the individuals and communities that are served by Frederick Health. Our latest grant funding in providing Phase II of the Rapid Response Carts at Frederick Health insures full implementation of critical care technology and we’re grateful for the impact this makes for those who benefit from its use,” stated Delaplaine Foundation President Marlene Young.