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The Women's Center Art Gallery at Frederick Health Crestwood "Call for Art"

The Women’s Center at Frederick Health Crestwood is a multidisciplinary outpatient medical facility designed to care for women and their special healthcare needs. The mission of the center is to provide high quality, coordinated medical care in a beautiful and relaxing environment. There is a concourse that runs through the center of the facility that has been designated as a gallery space. The Women’s Center recognizes that art can help promote healing. Frederick Health is interested in reaching out to local artists in surrounding areas of Frederick county Md. and by offering them a unique opportunity to display their artwork in this special setting. The artists will be able to impact this space by creating a visually positive and uplifting environment for the community and the center. Each art exhibit will have its own theme chosen to inspire. The art will have significant visibility in this venue.

  • This exhibit will be called “Life, Love and Happiness”. The exhibit will be September 10th 2018- January 4th, 2018. There is no fee for art submissions. Any questions-call 240-215-1460 or ACRESTWOOD@Frederick
  • What makes your life full of love and Happiness? When you think of love and what makes you happy, what do you see or paint? Remember that art not only depicts those things that make us happy or joyful, but the creation of art can be an act of love itself?
  • In addition, the viewing of art can reaffirm life, communicate love, and make people happy. We know that here are things that are unique to you that make you happy or joyful. Share them with us through your art.
  • Each artist may submit one or two pieces of original artwork, both will be juried. No giclee prints will be juried in the exhibit. Please indicate your 1st and 2nd choice on back of each piece of work. If large number of submissions we will limit to one per artist.
  • The artwork at intake should be brought in by the artist or a representative for the artist. Our art gallery does not handle any shipping for the artwork. If the guidelines are not followed, the art may not be accepted into this exhibit. The artwork should not exceed 72 inches wide and 60 inches high and no smaller than 9 inches by 12 inches including frame. The artwork may not be exhibited again if it has been in a previous exhibit at Women’s Center Art Gallery.

Art Submission Information- Deadline for Art submissions-August 10th 2018.

  • Artists should submit an art image of their work(s) by email for this exhibit. You can email your submission to ACRESTWOOD@Frederick Check on our website on how to photograph your artwork for art submissions.
  • Each piece of artwork should be submitted along with a signed copy of the contract available on the Women’s Art Gallery at Frederick Health website. We will notify each artist by email if your work has been accepted in the exhibit by August 13th 2018.
  • This should include your name, title, medium, size and price of each piece of art that you submit.
  • Images of artwork should be sharp and clear for art submission. No frame. It must be in .jpg format, 180pi to 300dpi and no larger than 2 MB per image. List the images #1 and #2 for the jury.

Framing Guidelines: will not only make the hanging of the exhibit go smoother, but will present your artwork in the best possible presentation for purchase:

  • All artwork is to be matted and framed. If canvas, please gallery wrap or finish the edges to be presentable. Proper framing includes a fitted frame, and a fitted backing.
  • Ring Hangers (50377 or 50378) or larger by OOK company work best with the wire for framing and is to be placed 1/3 of the way down from the top and ready to hang. Please clean your frame and glass. Make sure the back of your frame is presentable too.
  • All artwork needs to follow the guidelines of the exhibit in order to be in the art exhibit.

Drop-off Dates (for accepted Artwork): Friday, Sept 7th from 10:30 to 5:00pm. We will hang the artwork on September 7th at 5 pm. All artists are welcome to help hang the art.

Pick up date: January 4th from 10:30 am to 5:00pm

Art Reception-September 14th from 5-7pm.