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Nurse Visit Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

We make it easy for you. If you’re having your baby at Frederick Health, the visit will be scheduled before you and your baby leave the hospital. The visit information will be on your discharge papers.

If you’re having your baby at any other hospital, birth center or at home, you can sign up here [link to sign up form] for a visit. No referral is required.

A Family Connects staff person will contact you within a week. You may also contact FamilyConnects@Frederick.Health or 240-566-4240 to schedule a visit.

Who can have a visit?

You can have a visit with the nurse at home if you are welcoming a baby to your family and you and live in Frederick County.

I had my baby at Frederick Health but live outside of Frederick County. Can my baby and I receive a visit?

The visit at home with a nurse is offered only to families that live in Frederick County because Frederick County has designed federal grant funds for the service.

Can the nurse visit families who are undocumented?

Yes, families who are undocumented can receive a visit.

When will the nurse visit my home?

The nurse will visit when the baby is about three weeks old at a time that works for you and your family.

If you have specific concerns like high blood pressure, feeding difficulties, incision healing, or postpartum depression or anxiety, we can arrange a 30-45 minute visit to address that specific situation. Call us at 240-566-4240 so that we can determine if a short visit is a good solution.

What if I’m not comfortable with someone coming to my home?

Your comfort and safety is very important to us. Frederick Health nurses follow the most updated health and safety protocols to keep you, your family and your baby safe.

Nurses wear gloves and sanitize their hands and equipment before conducting health checks on birthing parents and baby.

We want to find what works for your family – we can arrange a virtual visit or find a place away from your home as well.

Please share your questions and concerns about a visit at home with us so that we can find a good solution. We know that new families are very busy. We don't expect your home to be perfect and we don't expect you to entertain us. We are there to help, not judge

Will I get a reminder call or text?

You will receive a call from a Family Connects staff person the day before your scheduled visit to confirm the name of your nurse and the time of your visit. You will also receive a text from the nurse the morning of your visit. Call us at 240-566-4240 if you need to reschedule.

What happens during my visit?

A nurse wearing a Frederick Health badge will visit at the scheduled time. The nurse will bring the supplies and equipment needed to do the wellness checks on the birthing parent and baby and small welcome gifts for the family. The nurse will talk with the family about their strengths, support systems, concerns and questions in 12 areas that are important for family well-being. The nurse can provide personalized resources during the visit and the family will receive additional resources after the visit if they are needed.

Families who want help with basic needs, health insurance, child care, housing, food and depression will be connected local community resources.

Will I be judged on the cleanliness of my house?

We are judgment free and have realistic expectations of you as a caregiver with a newborn. You may have a messy house, may not have showered in days, and could be in pajamas that are covered in spit-up. We want to come see you anyway!

What happens after my visit?

The nurse will share the visit report with your health care provider and your baby’s health care provider with your consent.

You may receive additional resources from a Frederick Health community worker.

You will receive a call about four weeks after the visit at home with the nurse to check in on how the referrals and resources worked.

The nurse just left and I have more questions. Can I reach out?

We are here to answer your questions about newborn care and caring for yourself after the baby’s arrival. Call us at 240-566-4240 or email FamilyConnects@Frederick.Health

Is there any cost for a nurse to visit my family?

We offer the visit at no charge to you or your insurance company. Federal grant funds provided by Frederick County make this service possible.

Can the nurse visit substitute for my baby’s newborn visit with their doctor or my own six–week visit to my doctor?

The visit from a nurse at home adds to – but does not substitute for -- the important care that you receive from your own doctor and your baby receives from their doctor. The nurse will encourage you to get these visits scheduled and identify resources to help you keep these appointments.

Will my doctor know about this service and the visit?

We support the relationships you have with your doctor and your baby’s doctor. With your consent, we will share a report of the visit with your doctor and your baby’s doctor for their records. Medical practices who care for families and newborns have been given information about Family Connects Frederick County. They know that their patients could be participating and support the program

I don’t speak English. Will my nurse speak any language other than English, such as Spanish?

We will try to offer you a nurse who speaks your family’s native language. When that is not possible, the nurse will use interpreter services during the visit.

Why do I need a visit with a nurse if I have a doula?

Having a doula is a wonderful way to get support after the baby’s arrival. The visit with a nurse can offer wellness checks for you and baby. We can connect you and your family with a wide variety of community resources specifically identified to support families right after the baby’s arrival. Your doula is welcome to be present during the visit and we are happy to partner with your doula in your care.