Group of Medical Professionals


Inpatient Care

Frederick Memorial Hospital has a 21-bed adult, inpatient Psychiatric Unit which accepts both voluntary and involuntary admissions of individuals 18 years and older. Patients are admitted 24 hours a day through the hospital's Emergency Department. Inpatient care is necessary for those who have severe mental health impairment requiring a structured safe environment, 24 hours a day with constant access to professional care.

The Psychiatric Unit at Frederick Memorial Hospital is a short-term therapeutic program where the treatment team provides assessment, medical stabilization, and individualized treatment planning. Staff physicians of all medical specialties are available 24 hours a day. Treatment requires daily participation by patients in a schedule of group and/or individual therapeutic activities designed to help patients understand their illness, change behaviors, improve decision making, and develop self-esteem and healthy coping mechanisms. With understanding comes a sense of responsibility for their emotional health. There is medication management, along with group and individual therapy.

Discharge planning ensures that patients have appropriate support when they leave the hospital. Discharge plans are developed with follow-up referrals made to outpatient providers, the Partial Hospitalization Program and other community agencies as indicated.

Our Approach to Treatment

Treatment starts with effective and highly individualized goal setting. Mental illnesses require various interventions and intensities of medical services. Our program offers a wide variety of therapies and activities designed to meet the individual needs of each patient's medical, social, and emotional health. After a patient's initial evaluation, our clinical staff develop a master treatment plan that takes into account the patient's specialized needs. The length of stay varies according to the diagnosis and the individual patient's needs.

Treatment Team

Using the interdisciplinary treatment team approach, a psychiatrist leads the clinical team. The patient, family and healthcare professionals are an integral part of the treatment team. The team meets daily to set goals, develop treatment plans, and review progress. Clinical assessment and treatment often involve consultations with various specialists. Consulting specialists collaborate with the primary physician and provide input to the treatment plan.

Co-occurring Substance Abuse Treatment

This component distinguishes FMH from some other providers. We have developed a dynamic and multifaceted approach for this specialized treatment program. Key elements include psychiatric evaluations and follow-up consults; medication management; substance abuse treatment groups; and detailed continuing care planning. We also offer a weekly on-site AA group that parents may attend during and post hospitalization.