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Spring Cleaning for the Body & Mind

Spring Cleaning for the Body & Mind

As the weather begins to warm up and we take on the task of cleaning out our closets, packing up bulky winter clothes, putting away holiday decorations, and simply de-cluttering our homes, it’s important to remember that we should also focus on our most important home – our body and mind.

Kristi Brownlow, Registered Yoga Teacher at ProMotion Fitness+, has put together five useful ways to practice spring-cleaning for your mind and body.

Release The Stress

Just as the mind holds on to things, the body does as well, so it is important to fully release tension. ProMotion Fitness+ offers several yoga classes that can help you relieve stress, decrease depression and anxiety, add flexibility and strength, and help you practice self-care. Along with practicing yoga, cardiovascular exercise and strength training can also promote stress relief.

Eliminate One Thing That Is No Longer Serving You

This could be physically, emotionally, or mentally. Maybe you have been loading up on added sugars this winter or spending time with someone that is not the best fit for you. Whatever the case may be, it is important to release the things that no longer serve you in order to open space for new beginnings.

Ground Down

Just as Mother Nature is reawakening from being dormant all winter, it is imperative for humans to revitalize after a long winter by “grounding”. Studies show that walking barefoot in the grass or simply spending time outdoors can promote better sleep, improved overall health, and reduce stress. Additionally, the sun provides extra Vitamin D, which can improve your mood.

Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Did you know that research has shown an improvement in sleep patterns when someone consistently practices yoga? Along with yoga, other self-care practices that promote optimal sleep patterns are cardiovascular exercise, “grounding” practices, eating meals, performing relaxing bedtime rituals, and limiting stress.

Technology Detox

Similar to a cluttered home, a chaotic email inbox can cause major anxiety and stress. Ditch your phone whenever you can and spend your time on things that will help improve your health, such as exercising, spending time soaking up Vitamin D while gardening, or taking a yoga class.

To check out all of the yoga classes that ProMotion Fitness+ has to offer, and learn more about our exercise program, call 240-215-1470 or stop by 7211 Bank Ct. Suite 220, Frederick, MD 21701.