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Learning the Value of Love, Patience & Strength

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All of us at hospice repeatedly learn the value of love, patience and strength. Our patients and their families teach us this every day.

As a social worker, I enter patients’ lives at a very difficult time: when they have recently learned their illness has progressed, and they are now facing the final stages of their lives. Every patient’s emotional needs are different, but I encourage each family to be open about the variety of emotions experienced and I guide them through what may be the hardest time they will ever know.

Together, we work to find comfort and peace, to balance the good with the bad. I recognize and deeply value the strength and grace patients and their loved ones show me.

This helps me in turn -- I can share what I have learned from them with future families I serve.

I am always honored when a family allows hospice into their home and life. Because of my work, I understand how important it is to create good memories at the end of life’s journey and I am grateful to be part of that process for so many in our community.