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Hospice, You're Never Alone

  • Category: Patient Stories
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  • Written By: Hospice of Frederick County

When you’re coping with the loss of a loved one or need help caring for a family member or friend who is dying, where do you turn?

For Greg Feeser, there’s only one option—Hospice of Frederick County.

Greg first turned to Hospice in 1989, when his best friend was dying of brain cancer. “Hospice was as much of a help to me as they were for him,” he says. Greg was so grateful for his experience that he spent two weeks of his vacation time volunteering in the Hospice office.

Since then, both his father and now his mother, who is currently in the nursing unit at Buckingham’s Choice and receives weekly Hospice visits, have relied on Hospice of Frederick County’s services. Patty, the same RN who worked with Greg’s father, now works with his mother.

“This was wonderful because they have a history and know each other so well.” Through each experience, Greg credits the Hospice staff for being kind, supportive, and helpful to his individual needs and those of his family.

“If Hospice weren’t there, I would’ve felt so much more alone,” he says. “I had a difficult time making decisions, and they’ve guided me in so many ways. They’ve been a wonderful support. Not one thing stands out, but so many things. Every step of the way, somebody was there for me.”