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Life at the Kline House

  • Category: Patient Stories
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  • Written By: Hospice of Frederick County

Every day at the Kline Hospice House is busy, filled with lots of activity, laughter, and memories in the making. We consider ourselves blessed to share many sweet moments with our patients and families.

  • One gentleman told us he’d just have to get used to people being nice to him. He was thrilled when he requested lasagna and one of our volunteers made it for him. He requested it for three meals in a row and enjoyed every last bite!
  • A wonderful lady asked the supervisor one day, “What did I ever do in my whole life to deserve coming to a place this wonderful?”
  • Friends and family visited a gentleman one day to share a few beers. The patient recalled how he had helped to build the Kline Hospice House decades ago. He remarked how lucky he felt to have been brought to theKline House during his final days. “It feels like home,” he said.
  • It was heartwarming to see a new female patient sit on the patio holding hands with her husband, basking in the sunlight. It’s amazingto see the love between couples who’ve been married a long time. She enjoyed her time with her husband, and we smiled whenever he wouldarrive late and she would ask, “Where’ve you been?” We were able to serve a gentleman whose wife had not been able to leave his side for quite some time. She was afraid her husband wouldnot receive adequate care if she wasn’t there to be his advocate. He was at the Kline House for less than two hours when she felt comfortable leaving him to take care of things at home.