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The Lucky Winner

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  • Written By: Hospice of Frederick County
The Lucky Winner

Hospice patient Violet Young loved to play the slot machines in Charles Town, West Virginia and her daughters Jennifer and Robin planned to take her there for a day of fun. When Violet’s illness necessitated a change in plans, the daughters surprised their mom with a slot machine so she could play at home. In just a few minutes, she won the jackpot!

When Violet was feeling better, her daughters decided that trip to Charles Town could indeed take place. Family members gave Violet their tax refunds and encouraged her to use the money however she saw fit.

Having talked a lot about being the seventh child in her family and the seventh child to die, Violet knew she was going to play the number-seven machine—even though it took three quarters at a time.

Violet threw caution to the wind— and, within an hour and a half, she won the jackpot of $1,100!

The lucky winner proved what we know to be true--Hospice of Frederick County is about living!