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Solidarity Event by Frederick Health Medical Staff

Solidarity Event by Frederick Health Medical Staff

On a beautiful Sunday June 7, 2020, members of the Medical Staff of Frederick Health joined to express their solidarity for George Floyd and all those who have suffered racial injustice. Our Medical Staff present represented the deep diversity amongst all of us – black, white, brown, yellow; male and female; him, her, ze, and hir; younger and older; Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim; African, African-American, Caucasian, Latino, Indian, and Pakistani; NPs, PAs, MDs, and DOs; medical specialists, PCPs, and surgeons - just to name a few of the unique communities to which we belong.

Led by Lachelle Campbell, Marsha Shaw, and Meg Oberman, we gathered at the historic Mullinix Park established for the African-American Community at the time of segregation in Frederick. All knelt in silence for the 8 minutes and 46 seconds that George Floyd suffered the knee in his neck leading to his death. During these long minutes, we truly became a “one” that transcended Frederick Health, Frederick, Maryland, the Earth and beyond.

medical members down on a knee

Dr. Campbell completed the event with a recitation of “Equality” by the famous African-American poet Maya Angelou. This special solidarity event demonstrated to me how diverse, special, and strong we are as Medical Staff, and how deeply our oath to care for our fellow human beings rises above the disparities that continue to plague our country today.

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Mihir M. Jani, MD MHA
Vice Chief of Staff, Frederick Health Hospital
(on behalf of the Frederick Health Medical Group)