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Visitation Level - Green

Full Visitation

Visiting Hours:

  • 24-Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week unless otherwise noted below

Quiet Hours:

  • 10:00PM until 7:00AM, every day.
  • For patient comfort and consideration, visitors of patients in semi-private rooms will be kindly asked to leave during quiet hours.

Number of Visitors and Age Limit:

  • No restriction to the number of visitors at bedside unless otherwise noted below. (Minors under 16 to be accompanied by supervising adult).

Adult Emergency Department:
Two visitors are permitted at a time, must be 16 or over.

Pediatrics (Inpatient and Emergency Department):
Two visitors are permitted at a time in the Emergency Department.

Behavioral Health:
Two visitors per patient, arranged by appointment through the social worker. There is a 48 hour period from the time of admission before a patient can receive a visitor.

Surgical Services & Procedural Areas:
One visitor is permitted at a time unless Pediatric (see above)

Family Center & Labor /Delivery:
A banded support person and an authorized doula are not considered visitors and can remain with patient 24 hours. Two additional visitors are permitted at a time.

Family Center general visiting hours are from 2PM-8PM. Siblings may visit with an adult present.

Two banded support people designated on admission will remain the two support people for the entire stay.

Two visitors are permitted at a time, one must be a banded support person. Up to four visitors per day. No restrictions, except from 6:30AM.-7:30AM. and 6:30PM-7:30PM when the NICU is closed for report and hand-off.

Visitors may remain in the waiting area outside the unit during this time and can view their child via Angel Eye.

Patients On Isolation (Applies to ALL Isolation Types):
A maximum of two visitors are permitted at the patient’s bedside at any given time. Visitors must follow all applicable isolation guidelines