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Joint Works Program

Joint Works is a dedicated center within Frederick Health Hospital, specifically designed for joint replacement, recovery and rehabilitation. Joint Works blends the talents of a team of experienced and expert clinical professionals—physicians, nurses and rehabilitation therapists—who treat joint replacement patients every day, delivering the highest quality care. The program uses a patient friendly, state-of the art, efficient clinical program model, developed specifically for the joint replacement patient and his or her family. The program began in March 2005 and has been extremely successful.

For more information, please contact the Joint Works Program Coordinator at 240-566-3785.

Goals of the Program Include:

  • Superior quality and cost efficiency through use of clinical order sets proven to result in excellent patient outcomes.
  • Improved service to the Frederick community by offering educational programs on the common sources, diagnosis and treatment of hip and knee pain.
  • Increased patient satisfaction through education, pre-surgical preparation, setting and meeting realistic patient expectations, including a predictable hospital experience and discharge to home usually in less than 24 hours and up to 1-2 days with home health care and rehabilitation services, or directly to an outpatient facility.

Program Core Elements:

  • Pre-Surgical Patient Education
  • Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Participating Surgeon
  • Dedicated Nursing and Rehabilitation Staff
  • Pre-Admission Screening
  • Perioperative Services
  • Dedicated Private Rooms
  • Discharge Planning
  • Dedicated Frederick Health Home Health Planning and Case Management Services

Program Pre-Requisites:

  • The patient must attend a one hour pre-surgical patient education class in advance of surgery. The patient can plan to receive detailed education regarding the process of joint replacement surgery to ensure best patient outcomes.
  • Family and friends are strongly urged to attend, as well. A special focus on family involvement includes an invitation to family to be actively involved in all stages of Joint Works rehabilitation Therapies.
  • Surgery is performed on designated days of the week, allowing patients to move through a carefully designed course of treatment individually and as a group. Depending on the type of surgery your Length of stay may vary. Some surgeries can return to home in less than 24 hours. Others can anticipate typically a 1-2 day Inpatient recovery in the Joint Works Program at Frederick Health.
  • Intensive rehabilitation services are utilized to allow patients to move through a carefully designed course of individual and group therapy. Group therapy leads to increased exercise tolerance, with friendly and natural competition resulting in patients working harder to achieve exercise goals. The group model of care dramatically increases socialization and companionship among patients, changing what could be a lonely and fearful experience into one that is satisfying to the patient.

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