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Joint Works Patient Education Class

Pre-surgical education helps you and your family understand the process of joint replacement, from surgery to rehabilitation and recovery. Participating in education before surgery supports the best possible outcome for your joint replacement surgery. It also provides the opportunity to set up essential services and needs that are important in your recovery (i.e., care management screening, durable medical equipment, pre-surgery rehabilitation, home health care, or outpatient rehabilitation services).

At this time, Joint Works Program Pre-Surgical Education offers different learning options to best meet the needs and preferences of you and your support team.

You are REQUIRED to complete ONE method 1-2 months prior to your scheduled surgery:

Interpreting Services are provided at no additional cost to you. Please contact the Joint Works Program Coordinator if you prefer to set up a session with Interpreting Services.

If you would prefer a print version of the class for home review, please contact the Joint Works Program Coordinator at 240-566-3785 or When contacting, please be prepared to provide your name, surgeon, type of surgery, date of surgery, and home address or email address for the class information to be provided.

During your education session, we will discuss:

■ Guide to Surgery at Frederick Health folder
■ The Joint Works Program pre-surgery education packet
■ Surgery materials provided by your surgeon’s team
■ Your support team
■ Any questions about your planned surgery

Questions? Please contact Angela Michael, Joint Works Program Coordinator, at 240-566-3785 or

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