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Service Animals

Service animals are welcome at Frederick Health Hospital. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a Service Animal as a dog, or in rare cases, a small horse, “that is trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability.” Therapy dogs, companion animals, or domesticated pets do not fall into this category and should not be brought to the hospital.

You will not be asked to provide any documentation or proof of the animal’s role. However, to protect other patients, visitors and staff and to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all, the ADA allows hospitals and public accommodations to enforce the following guidelines:

  • All service animals must be tethered, leashed or secured in the patient’s vicinity, out of the way of foot traffic, equipment paths and doorways. If tethering the animal prevents them from performing the services they perform for their handler, the animal must be controllable by voice command, gestures, or other alternative.

  • When the patient with a service animal is under our care , there must be someone present who can tend to the animals need for toileting, water, and food. Please do not ask the staff to walk, feed or otherwise care for the animal.

  • A sick, uncontrollable or aggressive animal will not be permitted to enter the hospital.

  • Once on the premises, any animal that exhibits any of the following behaviors must be immediately removed:

    • Growling, menacing, baring teeth, or other behavior that indicates that the animal could be harmful to others

    • Barking or whining that cannot be stopped by a simple command

    • Jumping up on people, furnishings, running, targeting.

    • Animals that are not housebroken or who are unable to control body function

  • In situations where the animal poses a threat to personal safety of any person on hospital premises and there is no one who can take responsibility for the animal, Security will be involved in resolving the issue and contacting the appropriate authorities.

  • Safety is our priority. We promise to do everything within our power to accommodate your disability should the need arise.