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Clinical Pastoral Education Program

Education for Professional Ministry

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Programs allow ministers, seminarians and other religiously-oriented persons to develop counseling skills, familiarity with a particular pastoral setting (usually within a hospital, parish, hospice, retirement home, etc.) and self-awareness as pastoral care-givers. Attention is given to enhancing the dignity of patients, family members, parishioners, staff and CPE students within this context.

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The educational approach may be described as “action-reflection- action,” with students providing pastoral care on assigned areas and using their experiences for reflection and learning.

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While seminary courses often provide an academic basis for the theology of pastoral care, CPE emphasizes learning by doing. Seminary field education experiences do not provide the same level of intensity of direct supervision, peer interaction, or accountability for one’s professional functioning as does CPE.

Deadlines for CPE applications for every year:

  • CPE Intern - Spring Program - December 10th deadline
  • CPE Intern - Summer Program - March 9th deadline
  • CPE Intern - Fall Program - August 12th deadline
  • CPE Resident - 12 Month Program - June 9th deadline

Clinical Pastoral Education and Spiritual Care:

  • The Pastoral Care Department is an accredited site for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE);
  • CPE offers clinical training in pastoral care and counseling.
  • Accreditation is through the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy
  • Accreditation with Clinical Pastoral Education International (CPEI)
  • Two levels of CPE training are available:
    • CPE Resident: 1 year, full-time, stipend position - successfully complete no less than 1 CPE unit (prerequisite)
    • CPE Intern: 15-week training-course

Clinical Pastoral Education Intern Program

The Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Intern program is advanced clinical training in pastoral care and counseling accredited through the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy. It is composed of approximately 100 hours of seminar time and 300 hours of clinical time.

Both Residents and Interns serve as Chaplains and attend seminars to develop skills in Pastoral Care and Counseling.