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Pastoral and Spiritual Care

Care For Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

We all wrestle with questions of meaning, hope, despair, faith and doubt. Our Pastoral and Spiritual Care Chaplains provide emotional compassion and comfort to patients, their loved ones, and team members as they encounter these questions. These issues go beyond religious traditions and connect us to one another in our shared experiences.

How Can I Contact a Chaplain?

  • Call Directly: 240-566-3886
  • Call “0” and ask the operator to page the Chaplain
  • Ask the nurse to contact the on-call chaplain
  • In-house Extension: 203886

Our team offers a supportive presence and is here for you in a variety of ways:

  • Listen and Support
    • Find meaning in illness and life.
    • Identify coping strategies and sources of hope.
    • Grief and loss experiences.
    • Spiritual/Faith journey.
  • Spiritual/Emotional Companioning
    • Prayer and rituals
    • Communion
    • End-of-Life Support
    • Forgiveness and relational conflict discussions
    • Emotional Support
  • Making Difficult Life Decisions
    • End-of-Life Decisions
    • Support of Family Meetings
    • Help with Advanced Directives
    • Help Resolve/Discuss Eternal Issues

We Serve All Faiths

The Pastoral and Spiritual Care Chaplains are available to people of all faiths and to those with no religious affiliation. A patient’s own priest, pastor, minister, rabbi, imam or other spiritual leader is always welcome. We aim to foster spiritual wholeness and to help with question about faith.

Contacting a Chaplain

Pastoral and Spiritual Care is available 24/7 to provide spiritual and emotional support. Call for chaplain support when:

  • When you want to pray with someone
  • When you need someone to listen
  • When you need to talk with someone
  • When you have ethical concerns
  • When you, a patient, or a family member has spiritual concerns
  • When discouragement, depression, or anxiety threatens you or your loved one's treatment