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Welcome to Labor Lane!

Frederick Health's Early-Labor Walking Path helps your labor progress as you wait patiently for your little one to arrive. Just look for the baby feet icons on the hospital walls as you walk with your labor partner down Labor Lane.

At each stop, match the number on the wall with the stop numbers below. Read on for different physical activities to prepare your body for childbirth. (Restrooms are available throughout the building. Simply look for restroom symbols on signs in the hallway.)

Good luck!

Stop #1

How to Get There

When you exit Labor and Delivery, follow the signs (located near the ceiling) for Entrance #1 (main hospital entrance). When you arrive in the Entrance #1 lobby, look at the stairs to your left. Here, you’ll find your first activity stop!

Your Activity: Climb the Stairs Sideways

Using the handrails, walk up the stairs sideways, leading with the left foot and then the right. Do this a couple of times. Take your time and watch your step.

pregnant woman holding hands of husband

Stop #2

How to Get There

Once you’re on the second-floor mezzanine (balcony), you’ve reached your second activity stop.

Your Activity: Slow Dancing with a Partner

Slow dance with your partner-the song is your choice!

soon to be mother slow dancing with husband

Stop #3

How to Get There

Continue your path on the second floor. After leaving the mezzanine (balcony), walk down the hall. When you see the sign that reads Classrooms/ICU/Pediatrics (Peds) turn left. Now follow the signs to Pediatrics (Peds) patient rooms 2207-2221. The waiting area outside of Pediatrics is your next activity stop.

Your Activity: Lunges

Time for some lunges! Find a chair, handrail, or partner for support. Lunge to the side or front.

soon to be mother lunging and husband helping her

Stop #4

How to Get There

Take the hospital elevators or the stairs located near Pediatrics up to the third floor. The waiting area near the hospital elevators is your fourth activity stop.

Your Activity: Squat

Try some deep (or as deep as you can) squats. Find a chair, handrail, or partner for support.

pregnant woman squatting while holding husbands hands

Stop #5

How to Get There

Take the hospital elevators or the same set of stairs up to the fourth floor. The waiting area near the hospital elevators is your fifth activity stop.

Your Activity: Labor Dance

Do the labor dance found here.

soon to be parents dancing

You're Halfway There! Follow the directions to Stop 6, or if you prefer, take the same elevators or stairs back to labor and Delivery. On the first floor, walk towards the Coffee Bean and follow the signs to the Birth Place Entrance.

Stop #6

How to Get There

Take the hospital elevators or the same set of stairs down to the basement (Lower Level). Follow the signs for the cafeteria. Look for activity icon #6 near the restrooms.

Your Activity: Cat and Cow

Place your hands on your upper thighs or against a wall or counter with your legs hip distance apart. Inhale, round your back and wrap around your baby (cat). Exhale and lift your chest as you arch your back (cow). Use your breath as you slowly move between cat and cow position.

soon to be father rubbing back of wife

Stop #7

How to Get There

Continue walking to the cafeteria and look for activity Icon #7, just passed the ATM. You may use a chair for your next acitivty!

Your Activity: Hip Bounces

Bend your knees and stick your bottom out as if you were sitting on a chair or birthing ball. Bounce your hips up and down.

soon to be parents hip bouncing each other

Stop #8

How to Get There

Time to head back to the Birth Place! Use the hospital elevators or stairs that you used to get to the lower level to get back up to the first floor. Walk past the Coffee Bean and follow signs to the Birth Place Entrance. Look for activity icon #8 located just past the staff elevator.

Your Activity: Standing Supported Squat

Stand with your partner supporting you and your knees wider than hips width apart. Bend your knees and lower your bottom. Stand up. Do 10 squats. Or, grab a chair and alternate sitting in the chair and standing up. Do this 10 times.

Husband supporting pregnant wife doing a wall squat

Stop #9

How to Get There

Follow the signs for patient rooms 1003-1025 and look for activity icon #9, located in the hallway.

Your Activity: Mid-pelvis Rock

Have your partner remove the step stool from its holder, located across the hall from activity icon #9. Stand sideways close to the open stool. Place one foot on the stool and rock back and forth. Walk around stool and repeat on the other side. Please return stool to its holder before moving on.

soon to be mother holding her pregnant belly

Stop # 10

How To Get There

Follow the signs for the NICU, where you’ll find your last activity stop!

Your Activity: Hula

Make like a hula dancer. Show off your moves with this dance routine.

Now that you’ve completed all activities, it’s time to check-in with your Labor and Delivery team. To get back to Labor and Delivery, just follow the signs that read: “Exit to Lobby.” Labor and Delivery/Triage will be on your left, just before the closed double doors.

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