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Visiting the Birth Place

Every pregnancy is wondrous and unique. At Frederick Health Hospital, we understand the needs of laboring mothers and we've designed the Birth Place for your comfort, security and privacy. Our staff of skilled medical professionals knows that every birth is different and gives you the freedom to do what feels right for you. The Birth Place is committed to making your child’s arrival a joyful experience for you and your family. Thank you for choosing us as your healthcare partner for the birth of your child.

For more information, please contact our Childbirth Educator at 240-566-4368 or the Women's Health Navigator at 240-215-1447.

Visiting the Birth Place

The Birth Place encompasses your Labor & Delivery Suite, the Family Center, the Newborn Nursery, and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The Labor & Delivery Suite is where you will labor, give birth and recover in the same comfortable, private room with your support people who will encourage and coach you throughout your labor and delivery. At the Birth Place, we respect your birth plans and encourage you to discuss these with your doctor at your prenatal visits. An experienced nursing staff devoted to giving quality care will provide explanations about medical procedures and reassurance throughout your labor. They will be an important part of your support team and will be waiting for your arrival at the Birth Place.

A Child Is Born

No other emotion can ever match the joy, amazement and relief you experience when your child enters the world and lets out its first hearty cry. If you wish to capture this event on film, either camera or video, please refer to our Videotaping and Photographing Patient Information and Consent Form. Photography and videotaping of your delivery are permitted - but always at the discretion of your attending physician and nurse with signed consent.

You will be encouraged to hold and feed your baby immediately to begin forming the special bond that will develop throughout your lives.

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