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Women's Health Navigator

What's a Women's Health Navigator?

Patient navigators are members of the health care team whose sole mission is to guide patients through the medical maze stretching out before them. Navigators answer questions, identify resources, and serve as a liaison between the patient and the health care team. Research has shown navigators improve the time between diagnosis and treatment for an identified illness or condition.

“My role is to assess patient needs, provide resources, and help eliminate barriers to care. Education provides knowledge and early detection leads to better outcomes. That’s why I strongly encourage women to have their preventive health screenings, as this allows any issue to be identified early. Taking care of yourself is taking care of others.” says Frederick Health Women's Health Navigator, Corey Thomas.

As a navigator, Corey talks to women to discover barriers to care – whether they're financial, schedule-based, or personal , and works with the patient to facilitate resolution. She helps connect patients with community resources they need and educates patients about the importance of adherence to the medical regimen. Often the health care system is complex and confusing and the navigator can assist in negotiating the twists and turns that may accompany diagnosis and treatment.

Corey will work with physicians, nurses, radiologists – anyone on your health care team – to coordinate your care and help keep everything on track.

For example, if you have a pelvic floor disorder (bladder, bowel, or uterine dysfunction) and you don't know where to turn, Corey would be the person to contact to help navigate the treatment resources available. If you are a woman facing a complex diagnosis or treatment plan, ask your doctor about patient navigation services. As a Women's Health Navigator, Corey is ready and willing to help.

Did you know that over 40% of women in the US are affected by bladder and bowel problems?

If you have questions about your healthcare, please contact our women’s health navigator at 240-215-1447.