Forensic Nursing

Forensic Nursing in Frederick, Maryland

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The forensic team at Frederick Health is here to serve a variety of patient populations during an unsafe or crisis situation. Forensic nursing is a sub-specialty of nursing. Forensic nurses provide care for patients who have been victims of assault, sexual assault, and other crimes. Forensic nurses also help with collecting evidence and participating within the criminal justice system.

When to Call the Forensic Team

Patients with any of the following complaints or suspicions should speak with our forensic team:

  • Sexual assault
  • Domestic violence and intimate partner violence
  • Elder abuse
  • Child abuse and maltreatment
  • Human trafficking
  • Strangulation

Services Provided by Our Forensic Nurses

All of our services are provided in conjunction with the wishes of the patient. The services are also tailored to the situation.

Our nurses can provide these and other services:

  • Medical forensic exams – A medical forensic exam is a specialized exam conducted by forensic nurses to assess and treat patients with a complaint of abuse or assault.
  • Lethality assessment – A lethality assessment is an evidence-based assessment tool designed to identify patients at high risk for fatality due to intimate partner violence. This tool also guides our patient education, referrals, and follow-up care.
  • Specialized documentation of injury – This includes photography, body maps, and specialized injury description.
  • Forensic evidence collection – Forensic evidence collection consists of swabs used to collect potential DNA evidence.
  • Extensive patient education – We tailor the education we provide to the patient’s needs.
  • Referrals and follow-up care – We provide referrals to Heartly House, the Child Advocacy Center (CAC), and other supportive agencies for follow-up care.
  • Court testimony – When needed, our forensic nurses can provide testimony in court.
  • Forensic Nurse Training

How to Contact our Forensic Nursing Team

If you need to get in touch with our forensic team at Frederick Health, call the hospital operator and ask for the forensic nurse on-call. We maintain 24 / 7 call coverage for our forensic patients. The process for the emergency department and pediatric emergency department remains the same!

The following information will be needed for a telephone consultation:

  • Please have a general idea of the issue the patient is experiencing. There is no need to obtain in-depth information. The forensic nurse will obtain the details necessary to guide treatment.
  • Pertinent medical history
  • Basic social history of the patient as it pertains to the situation

We look forward to working with you to better serve our patients and at-risk populations! Call Frederick Health today for more information.