Birth Place

Child Birth Services in Frederick, MD

Trusted Care for Mothers & Infants

At Frederick Health, we focus on serving our community in every possible way. Our team is experienced, caring, and knowledgeable. We take our work personally. We treat our patients like family, and we view your health and wellbeing as our priority. You can rely on our team of compassionate and elite medical professionals to provide laboring and expectant mothers with the best care.

The Birth Place Is Designed with Mothers in Mind

Our Birth Place Center at Frederick Health Hospital is an inclusive facility designed to serve the roles of:

  • Birthing Suite
  • Family Center
  • Newborn Nursery
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The Birth Place is staffed with excellent and caring professionals who are here to support our valued patients and their families during every moment of the process of labor, delivery, and recovery. Our facility is designed with extreme care and intentionality, providing an atmosphere that meets your needs and facilitates your comfort. Our goal is to support your birth plan, reassure you, and provide you with a skilled and caring nursing staff and the space to be surrounded by your loved ones during this exciting and happy time.

Family Focus Program: Educational Opportunities for Frederick County

Part of our commitment to our community encompasses our dedication to providing educational and learning opportunities for members of our community. Our Family Focus program is designed to offer family preparation classes for you and your loved ones. This program includes our Childbirth & Infant Care classes and our Small Wonder siblings classes, designed for little ones aged three to seven.

Serving Maryland Communities Since 1902

Frederick Health has a history of excellence and care in Frederick, all of Frederick County, and surrounding communities in Maryland. Our child services at Frederick Health Hospital are designed with patients in mind. We look forward to serving you during this exciting time of life. Learn more about our child birth facility and how we are prepared to serve your growing family with excellence. Contact our office with questions.