Birth Place

The Billy Miller Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Frederick Health Hospital cares for more than 2,400 families each year in the BirthPlace. While many of these births are healthy newborns, about 10% of all babies may need high-risk care from our NICU team. As a Perinatal Level III Referral Center, Frederick Health Hospital has a Level III NICU with the ability to care for babies of all gestational ages, and as young as 23 weeks premature.

The Billy Miller NICU works with community physicians to begin caring for your baby, even before they are born. To ensure that every mom has access to prenatal care, Frederick Health also has a Prenatal Clinic located within the hospital.

A multi-disciplinary team of Johns Hopkins Neonatologists, Nurses, and health care professionals care for your baby right here in Frederick County.

Specialty care via telehealth is available for Cardiology and Genetics. If further care or surgery is needed, our NICU Team works closely with Johns Hopkins Hospital and Children’s National Medical Center to ensure your baby is transferred to the appropriate level of care, and then back again to the Frederick Health Hospital NICU.

During your baby’s NICU stay, our team of nurses will teach you how to care for your baby and our Case Management team will ensure you and your family has access to support to care for your baby at home, including any needed follow up visits.

If you or your Doctor has any questions about delivery options or NICU care for your baby, you can contact the NICU at 240-566-3582 and ask for the NICU Manager.