Birth Place

Breastfeeding Education & Support

BabyBEST - Breastfeeding Education and Support Together - is a program offered by the BirthPlace to support nursing mothers. Recognizing that breast milk is the best nutrition for babies, our lactation consultants promote successful breastfeeding by offering education and consultations.

Baby BEST services include:

  • A monthly class for expectant couples – call 240-566-4367 to register
  • A telephone helpline
  • In-patient breastfeeding rounds daily
  • Bravado nursing bras available for purchase
  • Assistance with bra fitting available
  • Weekly support group for breastfeeding mothers and their babies

How do you reach the Baby BEST program?

The Baby BEST telephone number is 240-566-3880. The telephone line has voice mail and is checked several times daily. Our services are available by appointment. The Baby BEST office is located near the BirthPlace on the first floor of the hospital.

Who provides the Baby BEST services?

Services are provided by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. Lactation consultants are health care professionals who specialize in the management of breastfeeding.