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Healthcare Worker Education

For our Collaborative Partners in the Long Term Care, Assisted Living and Group Home Communities

What Is It?

Frederick Health offers infection control and other clinical trainings to free up your infection control and training staff to address other issues. This is all a part of FHs efforts to increase communication and understanding with places that send patients to and receive patients from FH and to positively impact the well-being of every individual in our community.

PPE Refresher Training

Will review PPE choice and safe Donning / Doffing practice including quiz; You provide an appropriate area where social distancing can be maintained; a table; and PPE (which can be held and re-used by staff who train with it since there is no exposure).

FIT Tester Training

Will teach several people in your facility to provide fit testing to colleagues which will include the trainees and 2 – 6 other folks in your facility being fitted to make sure your trained staff are comfortable with the process before doing it on their own. You provide qualitative testing materials and N95 masks.

COVID Vaccine Choice

Will provide information about the safety of the vaccine and provide respectful responses to their concerns and questions about getting vaccinated against COVID. You provide a time and a place where staff will not feel pressured

Safety Outside of Work

Will provide information and suggestions for the safest ways to gather with friends and loved ones (i.e., if people are going to do this – how can they do it more safely) and answer specific questions staff might have about planned gatherings or travel.

Handling Challenging Behavior in Patients with Dementia

Will provide a training / coaching session for your staff on how to keep their cool, head off challenging behavior before it happens or escalates and some self-care for these difficult situations. Can be delivered in two 30 minute trainings or in 1 one-hour training.

Something you need not on this list?

Let us know! Call or email to set a training date, either live or via WebEx. Lisa Bromfield, RN, MSN, Resource Nurse Liaison / Supportive and Geriatric Care; (240) 357-8229 /

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